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Winners of Open fourgait
Asta and Thor, Anne-Marie and Blaer, Will and Tjaldur, Laura and Holmsteinn and Stina and Byr

Novice fourgait winners
Donna and Thytur, Alexandra and Aegir, Kristin and Kjarkur, Ann and Kvintett, Myra-Dawn and Thengill and Leland and Krokur

Dominic catching up to Leland in the Novice Tolt final.

Pleasure Fourgait winners
Alexandra and Aegir, Donna and Thytur and Willy and Bodni

Anne- Marie and Huni winners of T2 Open

Anne-Marie and Huni in Free Tempo Tolt

Open Tolt Winners
Anne-Marie and Blaer, Asta and Thor, Will and Tjaldur, Stina and Byr and Laura and Holmsteinn

Anne-Marie receiving her medal from Johannes our FEIF international judge

T1 Victory round.
Asta and Anne-Marie and after them Will and Laura.

A lot of cars and trailers and of course horses....

Will Covert and Doug Smith

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