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All by Heather Skopik

Sunday - Final Day

Intermediate Fourgait winners
Willy and Bodni and Leona and Elskan with Hordur

Heather and Steinar with Neisti

Novice Four-Gait winners
Rachel and Erro, Gayle and Blikar, Donna and Thytur, Eileen and Drift and Myra-Dawn and Thengill

Open Four-Gait Finals

Steinar and Stina in the Four-Gait finals

Steindor and Jokull in the Four-Gait final.

Open Four-Gait winners
Asta and Thor, Steinar and Bjarki, Stina and Kvintett, Steindor and Jokull and Laura and Punktur

Asta, Steinar and Steindor going the victory round after four-gait

Stina and Laura going to victory round after Four-Gait

Donna Thytur and Willy and Bodni with Hordur after the Pleasure Four-Gait final

Open Five-Gait winners
Laura and Leiri and Asta and Thor with Hordur

Sigrid and family came from Southern California to watch


Stina and Skvisa

Intermediate Tolt winners
Willy and Bodni, Doug and Ran, Leona and Elskan and Myra Dawn and Thengill

Rachel and Perla and Lucy and Holmsteinn after the Youth Tolt Final

Will and Asta after the T2 final
Will and Dreyri and Asta and Thor

Open Tolt Winners
Asta and Thor, Steinar and Bjarki, Will and Tjaldur, Steindor and Jokull and Annie and Batman

Asta and Thor and Steinar and Bjarki going to victory round after T1

Will and Tjaldur and Steindor and Jokull after the T1 final

Steindor and Steinar after the last final of the day

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