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Photos by Heather Skopik

Anne-Marie, Ásta, Stína and Uschi taking a break at the Judges seminar

Friday night BBQ

Willy and Eileen get Bodni ready

Ásta and Þór

Jasmine and Grásteinn

V1 Winners
Ásta and Þór, Jasmime and Grásteinn, Stína and Kvitett, Laura and Hólmsteinn

T7 Winners
Dominic and Byr, Berta and Nói, Rachel and Erró and Aron and Díana

Dominic and Byr

Berta and Aron Glazer

Rachel and Dominic Ng

Jasmine and Drift frá Ytra-Dalsgerði

Ásta and Þór frá Prestsbakka

Jasmine and Bjarki

Doug, Anne-Marie and Uschi

Laura, Annette and Heidi

The Girls

Ásta and Dynur in Speed Pace

Will and Þór in Speed Pace

Myra-Dawn and Þengill

T5 Winners
Doug and Rán, Annette and Mósa, Myra-Dawn and Þengill, Berta and Bjarki and Willy and Boðni

Donna and Þytur

V5 Winners
Dominic and Byr, Berta and Nói, Rachel and Erró and Donna and Þytur

Sophie and Hergill

T8 Winners
Aron and Díana, Rachel and Erró, Lucy and Andri, Sophie and Hergill and Ayla and Punktur

Aron and Díana and Bert and Draumur

Bert and Draumur

Ásta and Kani fra Feti

Bert and Draumur watch with Ed

Kathy and Tjara

Donna and Kathy

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