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12.14.07 - Andrea Barber

Hi all –

Amy Goddard has asked me all to write you as the USIHC Quarterly needs your help. They are looking for content on pleasure riding – and who better to ask than our pleasure riders! They are looking for stories about what you are doing with your horse(s) – maybe you’ve ridden in a special location this year, or taken part in an interesting type of event, etc. If so, the USIHC Quarterly committee would like to hear from you! It’s stories like this that make it a publication we all love to receive in the mail.

So, if you think you have an idea for a story please contact Amy directly at:

Thanks for your help! Happy holidays!!


12.10.07 - Asta Covert

The Olil Amble clinic..

Olil flew in from Iceland this past weekend to have her first clinic in the US. We learned a lot from her and she is a great instructor as well as a rider. She promises to come back next year and we are already looking forward to it! I have added some photos from the Olil clinic to the photo albums.

I want to remind everyone to renew their USIHC membership for next year.

11.28.07 - Asta Covert

A lot of new photos have been added...

Check out all the new photos that have been added..

From the WC where few CIA members represented the US Burbank Fall show
and of course the CIA Open Fall.

Kathy and Pegasus, Katrin and Kari, Sharon and Raudskinni, Anne-Marie and Huni and me and Thor
photo by Maike Liekweg

Me and Karen Segal warming up for T1 in Burbank

T1 winners at the CIA Open Fall show
F.R. Hordur, Asta, Steinar, Will, Steindor and Annie

I want to thank Heather for sharing all her wonderful photos from both Burbank and the CIA Open.

There are still few spots open at the Olil Clinic December 8-9 so if you are interested contact me at ASTA@TOLT.NET for more info.

10.31.07 - Asta Covert

CIA Open Photos..

Hordur Hakonarson with Donna Rich and Willy Ma after the Pleasure Four-gait finals

Heidi Benson has posted some photos from the show on her website
You can purchase photos from her on the website.

Heather Skopik took a lot of photos also that I will add to the photo section later this week.

10.15.07 - Asta Covert

CIA Open Results..

We had a great show this weekend and it was so nice seeing everyone here. We had a total of 26 horses signed up. The weather was perfect. It rained on Friday and knocked all the dust down for the whole weekend. The Friday night BBQ was so much fun and it was great to get a chance to hang out before the show started. Saturday aternoon we had the 100 m speed pace and it was exciting to watch.

If you wish to order the DVD contact either me at or Stina at

Heather and Heidi took bunch of photos and I will post links to them as soon as I get them.

Thank you to Hörður for flying all the way from Iceland to be our judge, Betsy for scribing, Laura and Doug for announcing, Gayle for Icetest entry/DJ, Jennifer for being a DJ and everyone else that helped make the show so much fun.

Thanks to Valhalla Icelandics, Stina and Steinar for bringing a majority of the horses and also the Kraftur club members from Northern California that came. We are very happy with the turn out and hope to do it again first weekend of May next year. Also big thank you to everyone else that came to participate and watch.

Click here to see the full results from the show - PDF

10.9.07 - Asta Covert

CIA Open DVD - for purchase

A member of the LAIHA (Los Angeles Icelandic Horse Association) has hired professional videographers to make a DVD about the CIA Open this weekend. The DVD will be for sale after the show for approx. $50 depending if they manage to fit all the material on 1 DVD or not. If not they will make one with preliminaries and one with all the finals. All proceeds will go to the LAIHA.

They will try to include everyone, if you wish not to be filmed let me know.

Look forward seeing you this weekend!

10.8.07 - Asta Covert

Our Judge

This weekend the Honorable Hörður Hákonarson will be our judge. Hörður is a FEIF International Judge. He has judge few times here in the US including Scottsdale, AZ in 2000, Reno, NV in 2002 and Santa Barbara, CA in 2004. He was the Chief Judge at the 2005 World Championships. He was the US Tryout judge in 2001.

Hörður and Caryn got dressed up for the evening classes in Reno, NV in 2002

10.2.07 - Asta Covert

BBQ Friday Oct. 12th @ 7pm

We are planning to have a BBQ on Friday before the show. Chicken, ribs, salads, beans and more....$12 per person. I need head count by Sunday 10/7 so please e-mail me back before Sunday 10/7 and let me know if you would like to join us.

For more info contact Asta Covert at

9.17.07 - Asta Covert

Event Calendar has been updated...

We have added many new events to our calendar.
Including a December clinic with Olil Amble at Flying C Ranch, Santa Ynez, CA.
To see more info on the clinic and to read about Olil click here.

Olil Amble riding Flögri frá Hábæ at the 2004 Nordic Championships

Also we hope to see many of you at the CIA Open October 13-14.

For more info contact Asta Covert at

7.20.07 - Asta Covert

More events have been added.

Novice Four-Gait winners from the CIA Spring Show

Check out the event page of our website.

More info on the CIA Fall show has been added, to check out the premium click here. Make sure to make your hotel reservations in time since this is a tourist area, click here for a list of hotels in our area.

7.11.07 - Asta Covert

The CIA Open Fall Show date...

CIA Open spring Open Four-Gait finalists
Asta and Thor, Anne-Marie and Blaer, Will and Tjaldur are missing, Laura and Holmsteinn and Stina and Byr - photo by Heather Skopik

It looks like most people like the weekend of October 13-14 for our Fall show at Flying C Ranch. We are going to move forward with planning for that weekend and we hope you mark your calendar for another fun event in Santa Ynez.

Contact Asta at for more info

5.30.07 - Asta Covert

World Championships Tryouts...

3 out of 7 riders who qualified to participate in this years World Championships are CIA members.
We took first tru third in the tryouts for the whole country.
Kimberly came from San Diego to participate as well and was very close to making the team.
Overall everyone who tried out here in California did a great job.

Here you can check out the results on the USIHC website....

We hope to see you at the World Championships in Holland this summer!

5.15.07 - Asta Covert

Check out this New Icelandic Horse Photo site.
Free Horse Picture by Willy Ma -
Willy Ma took bunch of photos at the Spring CIA show so make sure to check out his website.

Willy Ma in good company at the CIA Open

5.10.07 - Asta Covert

We had a great show with fantastic turnout 35 horses signed up, thanks to Valhalla Icelandics, Stina and Steinar for bringing a majority of them and also the Kraftur club members from Northern California that came. We are very happy with the turn out and hope to do it again maybe later this year.

Winners of Open Tolt
Anne-Marie and Blaer, Asta and Thor, Will and Tjaldur, Stina and Byr and Laura and Holmsteinn

Doug Smith did a great job as an announcer, Jennifer was the DJ with help of her daughter Cait, Annette and Gayle took care of the gate and everyone pulled together to make the event run smoothly. Our judge Johannes Hoyos did a great job and gave good feed back and instructions to all the riders. He was very pleased with the quality of the horses here in California. You can check out his website at

Click here to see the results from the show

Novice Tolt final

Click here to see more photos from the show.

4.30.07 - Asta Covert

One down and two to go....

The Atli clinic just finished yesterday and those who attended had a great time. Click here to see photos from the clinic.

And now we are gearing up for the show this weekend here at our ranch. We are expecting a lot of horses from all over California. Johannes Hoyos is flying in from Austria to be our judge. He is also one of the judges for this years World Championships in August in Holland. He has many years of experience with Icelandic horses as well as Saddlebred horses.

If you would like to volunteer this weekend at the show we can always use some extra hands such as DJ's, gate keeper etc you can e-mail me direct at

Johannes riding Góður-Greifi frá Stóra-Hofi
at the 2003 World Championships.

Then May 17th Einar Ragnarsson will be here judging the World Championships tryouts. He will start in Wisconsin then go to Idaho then here and end in New York. After the New York tryouts it will be determinate who will get to go to Holland this summer.

We are looking forward to a great event and we hope you see you in Santa Ynez this weekend!

3.7.07 - Asta Covert

We did it again...

The USIHC Annual Meeting was held again in Dallas/Ft. Worth. The CIA was the only club with 100% USIHC members and we are proud of it. It was fun seeing so many friends from all over the country again that we don't get to see so often. Jón B. Lorange introduced WorldFengur and went over the history as well as how to get the most out of using it.

Caryn presented Betsy with an award for her work on behalf of USIHC.

Check out Andrea Barber's album for more photos from the meeting.

3.19.07 - Asta Covert

The Burbank Show Results have been posted on the USIHC website.

And for those who might be interested in the FEIF Youth Camp check out

or contact Sandie Weaver, USIHC Youth Director, at (949) 248-5204 or

3.12.07 - Asta Covert

The CIA Open premium is ready and you can download the pdf file if you click here

3.3.07 - Asta Covert

New Events have been added to the CIA calendar.

CIA Open will be held at Flying C Ranch in Santa Ynez, CA May 5-6 so make sure to mark your calendar. The Atli clinic will be the weekend before and he will be available to help riders interested in getting ready for the show and for those who are planning to try-out or ride for scores at the California WC tryouts May 17th can also practice their programs and get feed back from a FEIF international Judge.

The premium will be posted here shortly and if you are interested in getting it e-mailed and mailed to you, you can contact me at

Check out the Events for more info and other upcoming events.

2.8.07 - Asta Covert

Atli Gudmundsson 2007 Spring Clinic date.

Atli riding Ormur fra Dallandi in Iceland 2006 -photo by Hestafrettir

Atli just confirmed that he is coming to Flying C Ranch to teach a clinic April 28th and 29th, 2007 Private lessons available Friday April 27th. Atli has been coming to Flying C Ranch to teach since 1998. His clinics are always full so be sure to reserve your spot in time. For more information e-mail us at or call us at 805-688-1393.

1.23.07 - Heidi Kline

I am proud to announce the schedule has been set for the World Championship Tryouts for Holland 2007. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone to be judged by FEIF International Judge Einar Ragnarsson. He will be the head judge in Holland this year and it is a great honor for us to have him here for the tryouts. Riders wanting scores only are also encouraged to ride for the judge or to send in a video.

Because I am relocating this year videos can be sent between March 25th and May 1st to:

Heidi Kline
3160 Chandler Road
Piffard, NY 14533

Here is the schedule for the in person tryout locations:

May 12th or 13th
Winter Horse Park
S75 W35621 Wilton Rd
Eagle, WI, 53119
(262)594 5152

May 15th:
Rocking R Ranch
21578 Lansing Lane
Middleton, ID, 83644

May 17th:
Flying C Ranch
3600 Roblar Avenue
Santa Ynez, CA 93460

May 19th:
Helms Hill Farm
Helms Hill Road
Washingtonville, NY 10992
(845) 496-5561

Requirements for trying out can be found at the following link:

Heidi Kline
USIHC Sport Committee Chairperson

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